Mastermind of speakers and friends of Free Fall Tampa 2018 in front of the bronze statue,
Native American Princess Ulele, on the Tampa Bay Riverwalk.


The Free Fall fire was sparked when the teacher arrived, and the student was ready. The inaugural event and evolving foundation are a result of collective minds coming together to facilitate change.

Free Fall International Foundation, Inc is in the process of being formed into a 501(C) non-profit organization that takes place in the heart of our ability to experience greatness in small things.  This is a community of individuals with open hearts to the needs of others.

We are dedicated to generating a wave of hope and restoration through funding various individuals, families and organizations who are under-resourced.

Our mission is to create experiential events that endow the hearts of those who attend while contributing to humanity’s basic needs.

Every event is designed to support dedicated charitable campaigns that are responsible for and not limited to ending cyber-harassment and sex trafficking, rescuing girls from brothels, providing shelter, education, opportunity and affording recipients the option to receive holistic and alternative critical self-care.

Life is a Free Fall

We are the safety-net!

Photo Credit
SS Hendley Photography

Maria R. Malec

Perfectly imperfect Mom, Speaker, Motivator! As wife & mother of five first, Maria is a C.A.R.E. (Center for Aromatherapy Research & Education) trained Raindrop Technique Facilitator and educator in the use and application of therapeutic-grade essential oils. Her intention is to educate the community on how to achieve one’s highest potential through conscious and responsible living. Living holistically is more mainstream than alternative these days. She teaches people simple methods to live an organic, oil-infused, chemical-free lifestyle for everyday wellness.

Her motivation for hosting this event stems from many years of focused attention on creating relationships and the innate mission of elevating others. With the support of countless people, Maria’s desire to help under-resourced families and organizations is a dream come true through this Foundation. It is with great pleasure to announce that this event, Free Fall, will go on the road and be hosted internationally in cities around the globe. There are already plans in the making to visit Costa Rico, Dallas, Napa Valley and Pittsburgh. In her words, “Life is a free fall. We are the safety net”

Artist behind the Free Fall Image:
M’ria Swire

We discovered M’ria at an outdoor market. Her paintings spoke to us on a deep level. The painting that ended up being the face of it all was suitably named “Free Falling”. This was a serendipitous moment as the name for the Event and Foundation was just formed.

M’ria graduated with a BFA from The University of South Florida in 2013, and works out of her home based studio in Plant City. She primarily works in acrylic, and enjoys incorporating experimental mediums and techniques that change both the texture and application of paint. Her work both figurative and abstract, morphs movement and fluidity into a layered existence, constructed through application and color. Her work utilizes the female form as a vehicle to harness the visual language of expression, emotion and energy. The mark making process is a central part of her work, linking mindset to movement and paint application. More information and other works by M’ria can be viewed on her website,, Facebook and Instagram. @mriasmezzanine