2 Day Conference

September 29th – 30th, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m, The Straz Center, Tampa Florida

Life can often feel like a free fall without a safety net or support

Free Fall Tampa 2018 hopes to be your safety net, reconnecting you to your inner strength, your purpose and your passion.

In this 2 Day Women’s Conference, we will discover our unique design for our community and our relationships. We will rise up as trailblazers with intuition, embodying the warrior spirit for this divine purpose and ultimate success.

We have an amazing line up of Ten Powerful, Successful women who will give you a fresh outlook and restored drive! Here you will be inspired by stories of individual courage, strength in surviving violence and even the difficulties of overcoming grief. Uncover ways to raise your own self-image, learn the power of forgiveness, and identify ways that you can take care of you. 

This experience will help women transform from suffering in silence, repression and longing for approval to elevated women who are strong, proud, confident leaders fulfilling the mission of one’s full authentic design.

Darieth Chisolm

You won’t want to miss
our Keynote Speaker on Day 2
Emmy Award Winner
2018 Pittsburgh Woman of the Year

Who will be talking about
Everyday Courage
Be Brave, Be Bold, Be You